Energy and Emotions

Everything is Energy.  Our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical body, is all energy with different levels of vibrations and frequencies.

Emotion means energy in motion.  Two common misconceptions are that PEACE is a calm, placid state with little feeling and that intense feelings are not spiritual.  Intense emotions are a part of life and the emotional body must vibrate to live.  Strong emotions both good and bad create the vibration which allows us to connect with the Source of energy and Love.  We need to learn to listen to our emotions, be responsible for them and use them for positive change both internal (healing), and external (social change).

When energy is channeled through you with intention, old painful memories, false beliefs and emotional baggage, that may form blocks in your energy system, begin to vibrate so that you become conscious (more aware) of the block.  You can then move the block out of your body through emotional release, sound, and/or body movement.  Breaking through the barrier of the block allows more energy flow throughout your body for greater vitality, energy and health.

We all have experienced when this naturally happens; someone says or does something that is familiar, uncomfortable and we react (commonly known as being triggered), more then what is called for in the situation.  This is usually because we are reminded of, or triggered to the past.  Triggers and/or reactions are old and unconscious.  Reactions and triggers, which are painful still show us where we are still wounded, and need to be released, reframed, and understood, so we can then choose more Conscious behaviours.

The client and I use tapping techniques, and hand on techniques to channel, shift and change self-limiting beliefs, emotions and physical dis-ease.

My clients have been amazed at how quickly thoughts and feelings can change with energy psychology and energy healing.


Energy healing was a new concept for me until approximately eight years ago. As a health professional at that time, I had believed that “healing” was simply the eradication of pathogens from one’s body. I understood that the World Health Organization incorporated emotional and social components in the definition of health but was unaware of the significance of energy healing. I have since learned that this type of healing is powerful as we connect with one another in a spiritual and emotional way. Body and mind are separate yet intertwined and so too are we with each other.

I have found Ms. Fitzgerald to be skilled and confident in this area of work. She offers sensitivity, kindness, and great passion for engaging in energy healing and teaching while she interacts with her client. I have found this helps me immensely to ensure confidence and a great sense of safety as I have embarked upon experiencing this unique form of healing.

Rabbi Rena Arshinoff

Energy Healing

Energy psychology and energy healing techniques are fast and effective ways of working with our painful emotions, self defeating thoughts and beliefs which remove the blocks in our energy systems for vitality, health and happiness.

“The world is but a convas to our imaginations:  Dreams are the touchstones of our characters”.

Henry David Thoreau

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