Pam Fitzgerald, Educator, Therapist and Energy Healer

HEALING, What is healing?

ChakraYour body holds pain from the past in pockets that can manifest as illness. Your emotions hold negative feelings that surface as issues, fears, and emotional reactions that may hurt yourself or others. Your heart holds the loss of love that causes loneliness, and your mind has misunderstandings, judgments and beliefs that may hold you back from excelling in life and growing wise. Negative thoughts and feelings increase our fear, anxiety and depression. These negative thoughts and feelings can elicit behaviours that push others away, causing isolation.

Each time you have the courage to face and heal denial, you will discover more harmony within.  Denial causes a separation in your consciousness, pushing parts of yourself that are not accepted into unconsciousness.  Committing yourself to end this denial and be willing to see and accept those unacceptable parts and experiences that have become your emotional baggage is HEALING.  You are then freed to consciously act in an appropriate, spontaneous and compassionate way, based on truth rather than react by the influence of the past. You can live in the NOW co-creating your own reality with many more choices.

Healing is becoming more aware of the Body (physical), Mind (thoughts),Emotional body and Spirit to change behaviours, and develop Higher Awareness/ Consciousness which may also decrease symptoms.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself”

George Bernard Shaw

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