Training and Workshops

The Canadian Centre for Bereavement Education and Grief Counselling and The University of Toronto, Continuing Studies offer:

Bereavement Education Certificate Program

This training certificate program created by The Canadian Centre for Bereavement Education and Grief Counselling, Pam Fitzgerald, in partnership with the University of Toronto’s continuing studies offers an in depth knowledge base of the grieving process, through death and traumatic loss.  The Canadian Centres Instructors are therapists that work with grief and traumatic loss in their practices and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field.  This program starts in January and September.  Please look at the University of Toronto’s, social work website for this certificate program and look under Bereavement Education Certificate Program

Grief and Trauma Counselling Certificate Program

This training certificate program is for professionals working in the areas where grief and/or trauma have influenced their patients or clients.  This training is didactic as well as experiential. Counselling/ therapy skills and techniques are taught as well as theory of how trauma affects people.  This training prepares you to specialize in grief and trauma.  A pre-exquisite for this training is the Bereavement Education certificate or another equivalent, formal training that would cover all the areas that the 72 hour Bereavement Education program covers. This training begins in September.  To find out more about these programs you may call Pam at 289-828-4642 or contact Cont. Ed. at 416-978-3259

Energy workshops

Energy workshops for healers and therapists.These workshops can be for therapists (non touch) as well as for healers, massage therapists, chiropractors, and alternative medicine practioners or anyone interested in learning more about our energy system and for self treatment.

It is Energy Psychology as well as Energy Healing.

Healers:  Learn 5 minute migraine treatments.  Treatments for headaches, asthma, decrease tension, balance the chakras, balance the sympathetic system to decrease anxiety, move trauma from the body.  Teach people to consciously live in their bodies again.
Therapists: Learn about your clients’ energetic defense mechanisms.  How to decrease anxiety with cognitive behaviour and energetic techniques.  Tapping meridian techniques for tearless trauma and to move emotional pain out of the body faster.

Workshops are run in small groups with a minimum of five people.  Energy workshops may be run in your area depending on the number of people attending the workshop.  Please contact Pam for more information.


This is a 100 hour training program that certifies you to become a Hypno-therapist.  This is the National Guild of Hypnotists training program. Course dates are usually Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9-5 once a month for 3 months.  This gives you a lot of time to practice new skills between each class date. Please see attached sheets for more information and registration form.  Classes are formed when enough students have enrolled. Please see attachments for more information and registration. 

Course Descriptions Course Descriptions Registration Form Registration Form

The hypnosis training workshops can come to your area if at least, 5 people are taking the course. Please contact Pam for more information.

Nathalie Vachon


“I have been using hypnosis in my practice of psychotherapy  since  March 2006 afer having taken the basic and advanced training offered  by Pam Fitzgerald who is an instructor with the National Guild of Hypnosis . Pam is an  an excellent instructor and  I highly recommend her training  to other therapists.”
Annabelle Garland MA
( Counselling Psychology )

“In my practise I deal with clients who are battling anxiety, depression, addictions, grief and various other sorts of trauma.  I find hypnosis can be very powerful in helping these people overcome their issues.  I took my certification course with Pam Fitzgerald and I found her to be, not only a very well-organized teacher, but an extremely thorough teacher.  Her handouts were excellent and her class notes were clear and easy to understand.  I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Katy Morgan
Psychotherapist, Imago Relationship Counsellor and Hypnotherapist

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